• I can't bear it
    it makes me so sick,
    I can not eat
    the pain is too thick.

    I want to cry
    but the tears won't come,
    what did I do
    man I was so dumb.

    I can't let go
    it's like I'm dying,
    I want to say
    why I am lying.

    but I can't tell
    it would hurt too bad,
    and in the end
    I'd lose all we had.

    why did I do
    that horrible thing,
    when I knew
    the pain it would bring.

    and i wonder
    why can I not cry,
    when I lay here
    and just want to die.

    I won't forget
    it eats me alive,
    it grows on me
    likw an itchy hive.

    I can't bear it
    this thing that I did,
    i guess i'll die
    and keep my heart hid.

    it's my last chance
    so I can fix it,
    and it's over
    I have to end it.

    I'll throw it down
    and I'll end it all,
    never show it
    I'll just let it fall.

    as I lay here
    I and my heart dies too,
    please beleive me
    when I say I love you.