• i sit her today
    i look at you in all thy ways
    and i say i love you
    do i truely mean it
    only time well tell
    but you out of all things in my life
    have made me feel like what evere i do
    well be what i want
    that it is my choice
    and only i should be the one to choose
    so i say the three words
    not because i want false hope
    or that i want to believe
    but because i do
    i LOVE you
    with a purity of my heart that no other shall hold
    you held me when i cryed
    and you didnt even know for what or for why
    but you held me
    held me when i spoke of my pain
    and you never let me go
    what more can one ask for
    but for someone who doesnt question every thing that one has done
    and wants to do
    i want to add you into my heart
    i want to brake the curse that for ever holds me loved by every one
    i want but one person to this day
    no one more and no one less
    then any thing and every thing that you give me
    in all your ways
    a strong sence of falling
    comes to me when you are near
    and the closer i get to you
    the farther i fall
    every step i take
    moves me farther from myself
    and closer to you
    i can feel you
    little by little i feel you
    more and more
    when you go i still hear you
    still think the thoughts you want me to think
    thoughts that i am a person
    that i have my own will to be who ever i want
    and that i should do and learn from my mistakes
    you make me SOMEONE
    you make me forgive and forget
    the people who have done me wrong
    and for ever i well love you for that
    as today stands and we kiss
    i well hold onto you
    and myself
    and i well love you as you do onto me
    i well give you everything
    that you shall give me
    and hope that what i give
    is just as much as you give to me
    that it well be enough
    to keep you
    a future soon to see