• What words could one man possibly use
    to describe the feelings that he has for you?
    Surely not a man
    but one better than I
    for no words that I could muster would be enough
    to tell the tale of love that has us entwined in its chapters.

    Though were i to attempt this feat of no small measure
    I suppose i would use the little cliches
    that make you smile so to make my heart leap with joy at its sight.
    You are to me beautiful,
    more so than the most elegant.
    You are to me my Muse,
    keeping my head and heart alive.
    You are to me the world,
    my center of everything that is.
    You are to me my life,
    all that i am and all that i do is for you.
    You are to me my love,
    indescribable but wonderful all the same.