• The Tree of Despair hangs over me

    Its enveloping branches choke the life out of me

    It feeds on death to renew itself

    Its only hope is to lead the innocent into damnation

    The death of innocent souls keeps it alive

    So many souls have passed this way

    And met their doom

    Led astray by the grim surroundings

    They found many ways to kill themselves

    Hundreds of bodies hang from the branches

    And the leaves are blood red

    They fall to the ground

    And turn black

    Adding to the sense of despondency

    All those filled with shame

    Head this way

    Your end awaits you

    Welcome to the Wood of Death

    And the Tree of Despair

    In this land of dead souls

    The Dark Lord surveys all

    His blood red eyes dismiss all hope

    And twinkle wickedly at the dreadful scene

    Only evil can thrive in his Dark Kingdom

    Each night he counts the victims

    Who hang from the Tree of Despair

    I give you fair warning

    Do not trespass there