• It was dark, that faithful night,
    When we found our friend had lost the fight.
    We remained unknown to each other,
    Until you grabbed your pride.
    You came to my abode,
    Guessing I was alone,
    And made your promise,
    To be there even if I loathed.
    "And if they get me put this stake,
    Through my heart." you said,
    Your words mixing like wind,
    Fire, and dust.
    For you knew my pale complextion
    Wasn't just there like a gift.
    I hid the bite marks in the coat,
    Hoping, and praying, you'd never look.
    For I was one of them,
    It was by force you see,
    For some reason,
    Vampires can't resist young blood like me.
    "And if they get me,put this gun to my mouth"
    You whispered cautiously,
    Placing the weaponry to my chest.
    I only looked into your sad and anxious eyes and said,
    "Vampires will never hurt us,love."
    And soon,
    Placing my lips to you neck,
    Your blood chilling and your breath left.
    Tonight,you were a part of me,
    Owned by me.
    For the vampires never hurt their kind,
    Even if they are left behind.