• He would continue to open up new doors.
    Mine was always shut,
    but I was always open.

    He wouldn't take my hand when I reached for him.
    He wouldn't lend me his voice.

    In fact...

    He wouldn't even look me in the eye.
    He wouldn't notice me.
    I couldn't look at his eyes,
    but I was always staring.

    Before I would be locked away...so far behind him.
    I made myself hidden from his sight.
    He was blooming and I was still a bud of the same rose branch.

    My heart aches for him
    as I wait for the day until he tells me his secret.
    I know his secret waiting for him to confess.

    My love for him is as real as any.
    My love isn't admiration or pity.
    I just want to be loved by him,
    but I'm so insecure.
    So I want to test his love.

    To forgive me for the way I was before,
    and to accept me now,
    that is true love.

    We are the only two human beings on earth.
    Only the two of us exist.
    Whenever I love something I give it all my love.
    So he's all I have.

    But now he wants me back,
    when I made up my mind.
    I feel shy to talk to him,
    something I've wanted for a long time...
    I want to accept, but will he?