• Death would always follow your endless path, until the end blood splats. Heart would break until the last. Soon you would be reunited with your past.
    A Dark and feared night that died, a whole to cover up all the lies.
    Having thoughts to run away, to never come back to this endless day.
    A wolf with blood comes standing by, holding a deep qand terrifying growl inside.
    What did I do to get him here, to bring hell to a life I never use to fear?
    A dark and hollow world seemed to aproach me, never i will go to that peaceful and gentle breeze.

    I hold upon my heart, tightining the grip so it won't fall apart.
    Looking at the darkness above, I see a pattern that shown no love.
    Percining in me like a knife, I felt blood trickle down.
    Down, down, and down. I felt depressed, I felt alone afriad to be seen.

    I saw a scull with a black robe, looking stright at me, I knew he know.
    He was here to release me from the pain that broke free from my bones.
    His sythe went up high in the sky. Coming down towards the sight of my eyes.
    Here I go rest in peace, die forever and to never see.

    I hope you know eveything, about what just happened to me.
    My mother not setting me free, torturing me to a heart full of breaks.
    I still love you, but will it ever come back from you?


    What do you think of me now mother?
    Do you think that i'm hopeless, stupid, or a idiot?
    All those things just to set me free, no matter what, i'm gone from the cage that held me from the endless path to your grasp.