The thoughts in my head
    are for once very quiet
    i don't know what to do
    so my body goes on auto-pilot

    as i calmly relax
    i think about the elements five
    earth,air,fire,water, and spirit/darkness
    and how together they let this world thrive

    earth represents everything living
    for there is a pulse in this earth
    we bury the dead in it
    to santify their rebirth

    air represents the flow of time and space
    as it passes barely noticeable around us
    without it's prescence we wouldn't survive
    so respect towards this element is a must

    fire represents the burning passion
    that i feel for life and love
    for Sarah is the most important person
    from the deepest caves to the heavens above

    water represents the ripples in fate
    for all who live have a destiny
    and as a rock may cause many ripples
    the paths that life may lead are many

    then there is always the element of spirit/darkness
    in which all elements are combined with out bodies
    many believe that it's not its own element
    but for me to denounce would be lies

    these elements are as sacred to me as the moon itself
    for even Artemis believes that their power holds true
    and to deny that
    well i couldn't after all i've been through

    Moonlight Flowers

    on moonlit nights such as these
    what desires new, do we apease
    flocking out into the night, staring at the sky
    unbenowance to us the true reason why

    while all eyes are on the sky
    one shifts to the ground
    and see the true cause
    dancing with the breeze

    like glowing stars upon the earth
    moonlight flowers bloom
    by the power of the moon
    they raise from their cryptic tomb

    only when the moon is full
    and the goddess' powers at their peak
    does she show these beautiful flowers
    and let their growth run free

    where each flower blooms
    there was taken life
    so the goddess lets them rise as flowers
    and once more see the beauty of the night

    but these flowers have a secret
    to where their roots do lead
    for as deep as they go
    what else might rise up with their seed...

    The Harvest

    As the harvest moon rises
    howls scream through the air
    for this night there will be bloodshed
    all of ye humans beware

    for tonight we hunt as we did
    before this brotherhood was formed
    so humans don't walk alone on this night
    consider yourself now warned

    tonight we will be merciless
    we don't know the meaning of pity
    tonight you Will know pain
    your meager excuses are always so petty

    we will rein havoc throughout the land
    for tonight the moon shines red
    we will grant this rare occurence with humbling joy
    for the majority of the humans are soon to be dead

    piercing their flesh
    into their necks bare
    feeling their blood coursing through me
    as they stand there helplessly and stare

    as i take the last drop
    they take their last breath
    where i suceed in prolonging my hunger
    they succeed only in death

    now i feel their blood
    coursing through my viens
    thanks to its' sustinance
    i no longer feel pains

    now it is time
    to bid you farewell
    for your time is up
    turn around and join me in hell

    "The Darkness Flower"

    In the early moring the darkness flower does bloom
    Its' radience is hindered by the sun and the moon
    Between the time of day and night
    All who gaze upon its' features will find delight
    It seems to scream as the petals unwind
    But when they fully open all your thoughts are left behind
    The colors seem to dance with the beat of your heart
    You lose yourself and u don't realise till later that the sight has ripped your heart apart
    Until you return to find what has been taken
    You will keep losing yourself and you heart will keep breaking