• As I close my eyes I hope to see
    The darkness that I feel defines me

    Because, I know it sounds dumb, I'm afraid of the light
    And in my minds eye it appears to bright

    So I stay hidden, concealed in the shadows of my mind
    Even if you looked, even if you searched I'm not yours to find

    No one ever leaves me alone anymore
    I'm like that popular girl who turns into a whore

    Except the fact I'm of the opposite sex
    The darkness that enshrouds me is like a hex

    There's a cloud as dark as ash that goes where I do
    And when i glance back and see it, it reminds me of what I've been through

    And just when I think I can't take this torture anymore
    Something, someone pops up and teaches me that happiness is pure

    But the effects never last for long
    In a manner of speaking there out-sung by a song

    The process keeps repeating and I don't know why
    I choose to live, I choose not to die

    There are times I lie face down, arms outstretched
    Thinking how this life is to wretched

    But the cycle will continue in it's it trend
    And it'll never end