• A Dream crept into my mind......
    where golden trees stood tall like wine
    water flowed through the apple bottom town
    altering the skies that cleared the planes left unbound

    The wild children began holding hands....
    while the neighborhood dog licks the sand
    walking through the fleet of slums
    having the mentality to keep themselves clean.

    "I fell into a Dream of Dreams"

    The Silent slumber of elders......
    rocking back and forth in their chairs
    astonished at the curiosity of infants
    for they receive happiness forming purgatory

    "I fell into a Dream of Dreams"

    Blanket slides away waking up.......
    watching the white skittle in the air
    breathing heavily without concern
    as the old man awakes realizing
    when the Dog barks....

    "I fell into the Dream of Dreams"

    The blinding lights cover the elder..
    without a trace of where as
    farmers grow the nutrition
    without a cat to care
    but when the harp stares
    what can we declare?
    "im in the dream of dreams"