• ~Aleksander~

    The chains were tightly tied around my wrists, and dug into the cuts I had along my arms. Every time I moved, the rusty chains would open another gaping hole, and consequently, cause me to lose a substantial amount of blood. So I cave up moving.
    My arms were tied up way above my head. My waist was securely tied to the floor, so I couldn’t even move the lower half of my body. My feet were both tied together, so movement was limited, and my neck was placed in a spiked collar, which was tied to the shackles of my feet by a long metal chain. My hair had been carelessly cut with a blunt blade; some parts were still long and silky, while others where short and uneven. My breathing was deep, and every little movement I did cause me immense pain, which consequently, made me flinch, and move again. My face was hidden; a dusty blue mask was placed over my face, therefore my sight was limited, and my breathing became more difficult. Every time I moved my neck, my feet would also move, thus making me flinch again as the rusty chains dug into my ankles. It was torture. Even the faint moving of my chest made me wince in pain as the rusty shackles drove deeper into my body. Why didn’t they just kill me?
    I heard the creaking of a metal door, not far from where I was situated. Heavy, metallic footsteps followed; they made shivers run up my spine as the metal rubbed together and made a high pitched shrieking noise, which was even more unbearable than the rusty shackles digging into me.
    The mysterious figure stopped before my cell, but I didn’t care to look up.
    “Prince Aleksander?” Celine whispered, coming down to my level.
    “Don’t you dare speak to me you vile woman,” I muttered incoherently.
    “Please Aleksander…I am so sorry…” she pleaded.
    I didn’t answer, nor did I look at her face.
    “Aleksander…please…” she begged again
    I didn’t budge, she wasn’t worth the effort, she wasn’t worth me moving.
    “I didn’t want to do this…you must believe me…I was trying to find another alternative, but Lusho and Zacha—”
    “What about Lusho and Zachary? You was frightened they would shun you? You was frightened they would go against you!” I shouted, swiftly moving and wincing at the pain, “Nothing you say can compare to what they have done to me Celine! Beaten me violently!” I viciously moved again, “Tied me up so that even breathing is a painful experience!” I moved once more and cried out in pain.
    Celine’s breathing became brisk, “M’lord…I…I—”
    “Just leave!” I screamed, and ferociously jerked towards her, but screeched in pain and fell backwards against the wall.
    She swiftly stood up and ran, her metal footsteps seemed heavier, they seemed to be dragging; yet her pace quickened. I heard the slamming of the metal door, I heard the key creak and slowly turn in the lock, I heard the latch violently slam into the wall, and swiftly, Celine’s footsteps disappeared, leaving me alone once more, leaving the battle between my heart and mind, to commence once more.