• It blooms inside of you
    And you start to cry.
    The bitter tears run down your cheeks
    But, in anger, you brush them away.

    You fall into your bed
    And hide under the covers.
    That's when you
    Let those tears of pain fall free.

    You cry and cry
    For hours.
    But, the pain does not dull
    And your stuck with it.

    You scream into a pillow
    And bite it until it rips.
    The insides of it burst out
    And cover your tear stained face.

    You try to think
    Of a way to stop the pain.
    And then
    It comes to you.

    You're in a daze
    As you walk to that cabinet.
    It opens with a tap
    And you take out a bottle.

    You twist it open
    And count the contents.
    Putting the outer rim to your shaking lips,
    You lift the bottom upwards.

    The little circles run down your throat
    And you gasp for breathe.
    You grab a cup
    And fill it to the brim.

    After swallowing it,
    You start to feel sleepy.
    You fall into your bed
    And the pain melts away