• Whats behind the mask?
    The perfectly applied makeup
    The laughs
    The smiles
    Temporary cover ups
    Only lasting a short while

    Some say its called strength
    Others a lie
    They call me an actress
    That I can't deny

    There's nothing wrong with acting
    Its a part of everyday life
    You only grow stronger
    When you, head-on, face the strife

    But why do we act?
    Does it truly make us glad?
    Are we afraid of judgment?
    Afraid to be convicted mad.

    Or is it out of habit
    I guess its an addiction
    I still wear my mask
    And fear the conviction

    So day after day after day,
    Layer on top of layer
    As it all piles up.
    Hell, is this what the world has come to?

    Even I'm living on a prayer.