• I love you,
    I loathe you

    I never knew that I would have any feelings
    for somebody like you.

    I loved you
    since I first saw your eyes,

    I loathed you
    when you stole my heart.

    I dream of you
    and only you,

    When you haunt me in my sleep,
    I have nightmares
    when I realize you don't love me back.

    When I see you're depressed,
    I want to kill the person who made you upset
    even if she broke your heart,

    But I'm secretly dancing on the inside
    because you're a single man.

    Your smile is worth everything I own,
    and I think that might make my friends annoyed.

    When you're in love,
    I want to sit in a deep hole and die,

    But I'm happy
    you're having the feelings
    I have for you,
    only for another girl.

    You enjoy spending time with the people I hate,
    but it doesn't matter because they make you happy.

    I've made the mistake of falling for somebody else before,
    and my heart was shattered into a million pieces.

    When I saw your eyes,
    my heart was put back together,

    But I know my heart will soon fall apart again,
    because you will eventually leave me
    like the other person before I met you.

    You make me complete,
    for now.

    But soon....
    you will break my soul into billions of fragments....

    I love you,
    I loathe you,
    I love you,
    I loathe you....

    But in the end,
    you're the only person
    who makes me love sick,
    and the only person
    who I want to be with for life.

    I love you.