• Give me a heart,
    and I will break it.
    Give me a soul,
    and I will take it.
    There's something wrong with me,
    I can just feel it.
    There's something wrong with you,
    I can just see it.
    If you can't tell by now that I'm hurting,
    Then you're too stupid to be concerning.
    How come all this time you said you cared?
    Why such feelings when all was dared?
    Do you think I'm a joke?
    Or an in-competent fool?
    Who all are your kinfolk?
    What are your rules?
    If you said you cared and left me for her,
    Then I feel this relationship can go no further.
    I thought I knew what love was,
    But I guess I was wrong,
    I thought I could love you,
    But it was a game all along.
    I cant believe I fell for you,
    I never should of felt bad for you,
    I can't believe it either,
    so now I shall wither.