• This world.... such a broken little rock.

    Plastic people only pretty if told they're pretty.

    Imperfections, the basis of hating.

    Living a lie, because it gets us through the day.

    Emotions have become a disease

    Were all wrong.

    Were all right.

    Children raised by Tv sets.

    On the rise, Teen suicide.

    Giving up and accepting our fates.

    Fake smiles plastered on all our faces.

    Everyone afraid to take off their masks.

    Where do the truths lie?

    The grass was once greener, but it was killed by pesticides.

    I'm not sure when everything went a stray.

    Well, let's just live to die another day.

    Let's watch them Fade away.

    Fading stars...

    Fading smiles...

    Picture perfect families.

    Useless tries...

    All the lies...

    Perfection is the key.

    Dose the lights...

    Win the fight...

    Lose your life..

    Be the sacrifice.