• Hidden deep in the night is a passion so strong;

    It gets heated do intense the emotion burns in the cold air.

    The moon so big and bright it's white shining whole;

    It shows the love of the couple so right.

    As he looks lovingly at her she looks up at him;

    You see the unspoken care in the space between there faces.

    As she stands there she gazes in awe at her perfect other;

    He looks upon her ultimate perfection the picture he wished he always could've imagioned.

    Seeing how firm but gentle he holds her you see he would sacrifice his life for her in a heartbeat.

    Her grip on him very strong and rough as in not wanting to lose him.

    In unision the crickets sing for them in the shadows.

    The dark cold night tingles there skin with goosebumps;

    The leaves in the trees flutter in the soft cool breeze.

    As they bend down to kiss there parents scream for them,

    They then have to leave as there parents split them till the night they meet again.