• i remember the time when we were together
    i was so expecting that u like me and i was ur world
    one time u asked me "u sure we'll be forever?"
    i said "its up to you if u still wants to be my girl"

    all of a sudden u broke with me
    and there's no reason that i could see
    you just left me hanging on the wall
    without saying goodbye and i can't even stand tall

    i dont know how to accept that fact
    i dont know if im still in the right track
    when u left me all my sadness came back
    its hard to show im happy, its rally hard to act

    u saw me at our favorite coffee stand
    ur planning to hug me and hold my hand
    i dont know y u even went towards me
    that ur the one who's killing me slowly

    u asked me how am i
    but i response no word neither look in ur eye
    i left and didn't say a thing
    even though i know that ur my everything

    i know i loved you]
    but im not sure if you felt the same way 2
    its hard to decide if i can be with you again
    becuz i know you wont be with me till the end