• When everything fades away,
    your the only one on my mind.
    Your the only one I think about when I'm on the edge of dying.
    When that razor blade gets close to my skin,
    I stop and I think about you and the promises I made.
    My hands drop as I fall down, your arms catch me though the mist.
    As I look at my angel,
    with those eyes that can break though darkness.
    The warmth of her tough makes it worth living a life full with pain.
    When I see you I feel so weird,
    Like butterfles in my stomach fluttering around wanting out, every time I lay my eyes on you I get speechless and my thoughts die,
    the times we do share are more then perfect,
    the smile that is brought to my face when I see you is pure.
    our touch is rare to the human eyes.
    only our true emotions are shown indoors,
    one and only love is ours.