• Take it all away
    All of it must go
    The emptyness inside of me
    The hate that i was tought.
    The world that is said to be so cruel
    The nightmares
    The bats
    The bugs.
    Leave it all somewhere
    I dont care.
    Anywhere but here
    Is where all teh bad memories will stop?
    Where all the beatings cease to exist
    Where anything that breathes
    Is forced to suffocate it or self
    Without the permission of god.
    Anything that crosses the line
    Will suffer as you have my heart.
    I wont play fair
    I wont give up.
    The pain we both feel
    Is something stronger than air
    Something stronger than what we are
    Something stronger than love
    And the fear that we fear for ourselves.
    To die is the death we all suffer
    And is the pain we all cease to feel.