• wow it started again
    I might have lost you but I also gained
    never had so much hope in anyone
    I guess to you, friendship was done

    no one knows what will happen the next day
    I tried talking but silence is all I could say
    blood bleeds where my heart lay
    hoping it will be ok, it would be okay

    never knew it wont last to see may
    but I guess it will pay
    says the angel with the holy ray
    shine on me like a bright new way

    things changed I guess
    never knew you cared so less
    dont worry im not like the rest
    i might be one of the best
    if you like put me to the test
    all my answer was yes

    but you treated me like the guest
    in u i invest
    but you came into my nest
    put an arrow through my vest
    pierced through my chest

    i wonder y u think im mad for nothing
    when you pushed my last button
    and your memories still hurting
    im no longer worthy to be called ur friend

    no matter how many messages i send
    somethings u might not comprend
    so many things i had intend
    guess this is the end