• My eyes droop, droop, drop till it’s dark.
    Snapping open, I’m listening to the sound waves hitting off the walls.

    Oh, dear, it looks like I was up too late again.
    Sketching with my twisted pencil till even the moon had long since passed me by.

    The teacher brings me back from the brink, to life.
    I sit and wait for something to happen. Anything to pass my way.

    Say hello, I feel like falling, till darkness wraps me in a blanket.
    A dark clinch of nothingness calls my name.

    Twill meets my drooping eye to the left.
    Glitter on the right, sparkling through half open confusion. Is it real?

    I fall again, against the plastic, against the fading classroom.
    Sleep encases me like a favorite blanket’s warm embrace.