• You gave me a bed of roses. And you told me to cherist them, and not to let them crumble to death, and then you left me.

    It's been months since I've seen you, and when I have woken up this morning I found all of my roses have turned into dust, I feel like I have failed you, and I start to cry.

    It has now been a year since last I heard of you, the dust on my bed has blown away, as I sit here on my bed, hopeing that you'll come back.

    Today I have recived a letter from you, and I am now weeping on a pillow, on the bed you have given me. The letter wrote that you had found another women, and that your starting a family with her.

    Is this what I get for letting my roses crumble to death? Must I go throw the same faint as my roses?

    Now it has been over a year since I've recived your letter, and I feel weak, as I close my eyes and feel my spirit souring into the sky, and my body crumbleing up and blowing into the wind. Following the same faint as my roses.