• Riding With the Wind

    Riding with the wind I go,
    The only way of travel I know,
    Leaving all the troubles sinned,
    Riding with the wind.

    Above my head a single star
    Lights the path to a land afar,
    Fleeing from a soul chagrined
    And riding with the wind.

    Riding on a road unknown,
    In the distance sounds a troubled groan,
    But the lips upon my face just grinned;
    I’m riding with the wind.

    The distant moaning sounds again.
    Perhaps I’m near a cougar’s den?
    No worries, for surely I’m downwind
    And riding with the wind.

    One day I’ll reach the stars above,
    But first there are more things to love.
    I’ll never let my hopes be skinned
    For I’m riding with the wind.

    I’m staring at the path ahead,
    But seeing only those now dead,
    And although the fog has thinned,
    None can see me riding, riding with the wind.