• Every day getting wasted, smoken, injected, it all seemed perfect before i realized what i was doing to my life..
    Life seems to be a huge joke to me, it feels as if i am only standing on one of my feet, falling everyt ime i try to do something right, my whole goal in life seems to get high, and even if i want to aim for a good one, the arrow always seems to fall down, i don't know how to turn my life around,
    my friends and family always ignore me when i have a little weed, you know it gets a little lonely just hanging by myself getting high among these streets, i know one of these days i might just die but tat dosn't stop me,
    i'm lazy, i'm going crazy, i'm crying, i'm dieing, i'm afraid this could be my last day so this is what i am going to say...
    i am taking a hold of my life even if it's hard, at least i'll be trying, i said at least i'll be trying,