• I'm giving up on loving you
    I can't the pain you put me through
    Deep down I know the feelings are always there
    Maybe someday you will care.
    At least for now I can hide my pain
    I know, if I don't, I'll go insane.
    Our time apart has made me realize
    there is no second chance when it comes to guys.
    I almost had you back one time
    but of course, you changed your mind.
    The many excuses you have told
    are getting lame and really old.
    We never talk anymore
    it's a room to your life and you've closed the door.
    It hurts to know you've shut me out
    Now I know what love is all about.
    You're happy then you cry and cry.
    Where there was truth becomes all lies.
    All in all it never ends for good,
    but then again,
    Who thought it would?