• Roses lie in disarray on the ground.
    Petals fall like shattered glass all around.
    Shimmering the many faces I see,
    I turn to look but there is only me.1

    The distant sound of music in the air;
    A piano playing through my lair.
    Angelic voices appear like the mist
    Composing the dark arts through its lyrics.2

    My wedding dress gleeming in candle light
    Allure my lover to grin in delight.
    His eyes glowered with a powerful lust.
    It made my heart faint and turn into dust. 3

    Trembling down the aisle with one memory,
    Eternity is my only dowery.
    A cross hung upside down at the alter.
    The priest glared with an unholy laughter. 4

    Once I had arrived at my destination,
    The groom smiled with much anticipation.
    Vows echoed through the demonic temple.
    The ring was colored a scarlet opal. 5

    When it finally came to the last words,
    The priest spoke and this was all that was heard:
    "If love is present; do not let it hide.
    Finish the ritual. You may bite the bride."6

    He tenderly gripped the nape of my neck
    And kissed my skin with the most gentle peck.
    Without warning, he pierced into my vein.
    Small screams echoed of pleasure and pain. 7

    All that I could feel now is my heartbeat.
    The last pulse of life is now excrete.
    He slits his wrist to allow his blood flow.
    I now drink vampiric liquid from my beau. 8

    Our lives are now interwined by our vows,
    And blood that was shared can only allow
    This matrimony to be revered by all.
    Now existence no longer holds its walls.9

    As my former life fades away and dies,
    I can now see this world through my new eyes.
    Now that the ceremony is complete,
    Our lover's duet will not see defeat.10