• best friends until the end
    atleast that's what we would say
    but we never knew
    that one of these days
    one of us would have to move away
    without a last goodbye
    without a last i'll miss you
    but even though i'm a thousand miles away
    my best friend
    i'll promise i'll keep in touch
    you're the friend who kept my secrets
    you're the friend who made me smile everyday i was feeling down
    you're the best friend who i'm missing right now
    but let me tell you
    no matter how far we are from each other
    we'll always be alright
    if we keep our heads up and hope for the better
    no matter how many haters i'm dealing with
    no matter how many problems you're dealing with
    just remember to be yourself
    don't try to change
    because you'll always be the friend
    i'll never forget

    i'll never forget the awkward,weird moments
    where we'd laugh until we'd cry
    the time when we'd go together to school with ur so called twin
    my friends i'll never forget them
    tell them i said hi and goodbye
    never really know where i'm going to land
    (you know what i mean)

    my best friend
    you were like a sister i never had
    you were the best friend i never seemed to have
    you're the one i'll always remember and keep on my mind
    so will the others
    ill never forget the silly things we used to do since 4th grade
    best friends until the end i'm still saying it
    always and forever
    i'll never forget