• The first time that you saw me,
    What did you think I could be?
    Did you think me strong, kind and wise…?
    Or was I just strange in your eyes?
    Did you look beyond that first glance?
    Did you try to give me a chance?
    To be your friend
    Because that’s all I ever wanted
    But how could you understand
    If you never even knew me

    Well you saw me again
    But you did not try even then
    Because all you did was look
    Judging me like the cover of a book
    You didn’t trust me with your heart
    Or try to make a fresh start
    But you didn’t give me a chance
    Or look beyond that first glance
    So I never got to be your friend
    And you never got to know me

    This is the last time you’ll see me,
    You’ve looked past the real me,
    You’ve never once used your head
    Or listened to what I said
    You’ll probably never open your heart
    Even when I do depart
    Because you’ll never give me the chance
    Or look past that first glance
    And you’ll never be my friend
    Like I always wanted
    Because you’ll never know me
    Nor will you ever understand the real me…