• Finding your light

    You held me, loved me, made me feel good
    The one thing you didn’t tell me was
    Darkness was in your heart.
    The darkness is overwhelming.

    It keeps love and death apart.
    I watched you die
    In the darkness alone
    The hurt in your eyes
    The pain in your heart.

    As you fought
    The blade cuts deep into you.
    As the blood runs thick

    You tried to fight it,
    You tried to win.
    I can feel your soul,
    Sinking in deep.

    What have i become,
    To let this swallow you whole
    I couldn’t protect you.

    My last whisper,
    Words of love to you
    Words of farewell
    Falling out of the sky.

    I have sinned, I have wept,
    To have let you push yourself
    To the end.

    As I watched you die I saw
    The cures lifted from you
    And you smiled
    I realized you were finally
    released from you pain,
    You were in peace…

    In the end
    We all will fall one Day
    But don’t be afraid remember that
    There is light in every one too
    You just need to know where it is…