• I'm sick of all the cleaning
    It's a sanitary disease
    I hate it when you grab some rags
    When it smells somewhat of cheese

    Taking out the leaves
    Out of the gutter's really hard
    And I despise it when you ask me
    (Again) to mow the yard

    You used to hate me for all the times
    I don't talk about the date
    But now when that I am around
    You clean out every plate

    I run away if ever you
    Have deodorizing pleas
    And choke on every spray
    Of your "Sweet Lavender Breeze"

    You try to kiss me everytime
    I try to leave the room
    But now when I go I get a glimpse
    Of you fetching the broom

    You used to go and chase me
    And ask me for free time
    Now that I have time to chat
    You're out there cleaning grime

    Your broomstick's your ex-lover
    Your mop is your best friend
    I don't know when your cleaning spree
    Will ever come to end

    I miss those times where you and I
    Would laugh, chat and cajole
    Now all your hours go
    To entertaining your Lysol

    You make the bed whenever
    We go under the sheets
    Sometimes you drive me crazy
    Enough I wanna cheat

    It's not that I don't care for you
    Or love me anymore
    It's just that when you're cleaning
    Our love life is a chore.