• Reality Manipulated

    Dreams…a reality manipulated,
    Are born…and not created
    Completely surreal and entirely underestimated
    Unsure are the believers in their jest,
    Hoping, steadfast, faith sealed tight in their chest

    Cold are the hands that hold on tight
    To the fire that burns immensely with life,
    Adversity seems clear at every corner and crevice,
    Despair knocks twice with it unmistakable presence

    Majority defers, as a result of unsure hands,
    While few hold fast to the plan at hand

    To reach for the stars, to go beyond the imaginable
    To go against all odds and refute the impossible,
    These are the thoughts, the anguish and the faith of the creators
    An identity apart of all of us peace, later…

    A dream… is man’s greatest desire, a hope alive,
    Revived in the darkest of times
    Even when faced with the greatest of tides
    Shipwreck and abandonment, disappointment and enchantment
    May turn a dreams course
    But the faith and the hope of survival,
    Burn fierce with every soul.