• What is this air?
    The nameless tune?
    What can be there
    amongst the spring's bloom.
    Who is there first
    Before the nymphs of time?
    What is this
    Purer than thine eyes.

    What can it be?
    Floating in the sky
    Fluttering yet not falling
    as sinners do cry.

    Who is gone when the rain is to come?
    What colors captivate the eye
    and mirror the soul?
    What is a saviour yet a liar in all?
    What is forsaken yet adored in truth?

    What can make the gods cry?
    What can make one lesser die?
    Of shame?
    Of pain?
    Or humility?

    What was sweeter than the harps tears?
    What can make a mountain kneel?
    What can bring or demolish hope?
    What can push to the brink of insanity?
    What is this, that swallows vanity?

    What is this that mocks an angel?
    what is this that hides the devil?
    What is this?
    A deadly sin?
    what is this?
    Absolution beginning?