• Can you see me or do you even try
    Can you stand to sit there and look me in the eye
    I know pain and what is can make
    And yet you sit there and continue to take
    There is more to me then just things there and here
    And none of these should cause me fear
    I can be many things, enemy or friend
    And I can also be there 'til the end
    Do you see me truly as I am
    Can you take my outstretched hand
    Fly with me to worlds unknown
    Or walk in the garden with beautiful flowers grown
    Please stop this false sight and look at me
    Why is it you deny to see
    Many are good and many are bad
    But do remember the good times we had
    Open your eyes there is a whole new place
    And it all starts with a look of my face
    Seek this new sight and find your peace soon
    Beacause one day with out sight may equal your doom