• Most people litter, oh yes they do
    But you can't deny it, because we can see you

    We feel the change coming through earth
    Although when a baby is born, it might not succeed through birth

    When the world is not perfect, how do we survive?
    If we don't treat Mother Nature well, then earth will lose many lives

    Instead of just watching TV, why not clean up the streets?
    Mother Nature will become happy, and our earth will get neat

    People are smoking, and tobacco is everywhere
    But if you continue that path, then you'll lose your hair

    Polar Bears are on there way to die
    If we keep smoking, than you will see why

    The world is getting messed up, and that is the truth
    I hope we prevent the world from ending, and than I'll have proof

    Obama can help make a better difference, at least that's what i predicted
    If he does, than AWESOME FOR AMERICA! rofl sweatdrop 3nodding blaugh xd stare redface smile biggrin lol mad razz

    This poem is made for the earth
    If your listening Mother Nature, than mostly for you