• Mankind-march 30 2009
    My essay is on the human race. I will say why people think we are superior and why we are wrong. Okay my first point, the human race seems to think they are high and mighty on the intelligence scale yet we are killing each other in large. Numbers and a battle is probably raging on as you read this. I am going to shift the subject a little to animals, lets say they is an albino buffalo (which exist) its mother will love it, accept it and so will the herd, yet it is often when a human is born and it is different (homosexual, opposite political views, looks, voice, individuality) ,their parents will possibly reject them, and so does the rest of society, not accepting to differences and flaws in others is not common among animals but an everyday site in human culture. Another very important point, is that it is very rare that another animal attacks another species for anything other than food or defense. Yet we kill off all kinds of animal species and other people for neither food nor defense, but for display and for fun. The thing I notice is that animals don’t share the curse that we call greed, you will never see a lion restricting other animal from drinking from a stream, maybe one area of it but never the whole stream, because they know they cant drink it all and don’t need it all. Another thing is, we just sit here and let our rulers take all the wealth and abuse their power, while most species don’t even have leaders and the ones who do have a system, and if the leader is unjust they either drive him away or kill him.
    1% of our people control 70% of the wealth. That’s a disgusting ratio, we are one of the richest countries in the world yet we have people living under bridges and in boxes. Animals always make sure everyone gets fed and that they don’t over kill/over harvest. While we are using 30 % of land surface for livestock purposes.
    I think that the only thing holding humankind back is them selves, and before we can evolve we need to become one people.