• On a clear night
    I saw the star
    It streaked through the sky
    Calling me, Telling me to wish

    So I prayed with all my heart
    And the star blinked in its promising way
    But what i did not know
    Was that the star would. . . .

    Take my wish and twist it around
    Make me feel weak, and want to fall to ground
    The cruelty displayed in that cold, clear night
    Is something I can't forget, an evil fight

    So now i wish I had never wished
    Upon a star that was oh-so-merciless
    For I am worse off than I was before
    I am left to clean up my own mess

    And this torture I have been through
    Is a lesson well learned
    Because now I know that when you want something
    It is better if that thing is earned.