• You swim for miles in icy waters
    You once were the rulers' of the ice
    We have taken it all away from you though
    You try to find solid ground while we melt it all
    You are dieing all cause of us
    We are the fault of your destruction
    We are killers
    We even pollute your hunting waters and kill your prey
    We don’t realize the pain we cause you
    Our chemicals kill your water
    And we poison you so
    Many don’t care about you
    They think your nothing but a low animal
    But you are more than that
    You are powerful, and brave
    We are the ones who can’t see your potential
    We are blinded by all of our mistakes
    We are the destroyers of the mother Earth
    I speak of the absent minded people when I say this
    We are very sorry and please forgive us for everything