• I walk, with the darkening shadows following me
    When no one cares
    No one cares, about me,
    No one’s there
    And no one cares.

    You’re my phantom, and the light that shines behind you
    You’re my secret and the darkness can not find you
    Oh you're my hero and my villains they don’t like you
    For you’re my demon and you consume my very soul
    Oh how could one be whole?
    Without you I am only
    All alone

    Come closer, find my heart
    Your freedom, my soul far off
    Coming back to remember
    The time you said you loved me
    And then you swallowed me whole
    In that soul you called “Black Hole”

    You are my venom
    You’re poison kills me slowly
    In my life I always dreamt of you
    Oh, you’re my death note
    That I will leave behind
    You’re my suicide
    The one that makes me hide
    And you’re my phantom,
    And I am all alone
    Scared and sacred soul!

    I call you
    Though you are far away
    Somewhere inside
    You hold the key to my grave
    In my heart you will forever stay
    You’re my angel, that chases evil away

    Phantom! Come and set me free these
    Bones, they ache for you, for you
    Let us die now (in harmony) and in
    Me, I lost all hopes and dreams
    I don’t care at all
    Somewhere, somehow
    Someday, someway
    I’ll find you in the shadows,
    Your love it haunted me
    You stalk me through the night
    I feel you when I sleep
    And you are

    My phantom,
    The one who will
    Set me free.