• Night falls once again.
    On the open plain.
    A calm descends upon the unknowing.
    As people judge.
    Time and time again.
    Innocence dies every time the sun goes down.
    And evil arises from its bed.
    Better beware my friend, for the monster is coming.
    To turn the moon blood red.

    Come my child, don't be scared.
    Time will soon be upon you.
    Spread your arms.
    Chant aloud.
    Embrace the night of the demon hound.
    Give yourself to the darkness.
    Prey be quick boy.
    The time is at hand.
    Blood will fall.
    On the night of the werewolf.

    Slash your way though the masses.
    See the fear in their eyes.
    They begg for mercy.
    As they know time is up.
    Please god, save me!
    You can't help but to laugh.
    Ha ha, what god?
    There is no god.
    Only revenge.
    Revenge for the tormented soul.

    As a final request.
    They ask to know.
    What have I done?
    To harm one so?
    That's right, go ahead.
    Pretend to forgot.
    But for these few seconds.
    Letting you live, i'll regret.
    I'll take you to a time.
    A world still cruel.
    When people needed exceptance.
    To judge was cool.
    Along the path a child lay helpless.
    As his enemy bestowed humility with madness.

    Don't tell me you still can't remember.
    Something you might think a lie.
    That long ago you were the tormentor.
    And that helpless child was I.

    I'm sorry stranger.
    For the damage i've done.
    But find in your soul to forgot.
    That even someone once mean at heart.
    Can find it in his soul to repent.
    Forgiveness found in a god so loving.
    Gave me a second chance.
    And you too might see that.
    If you stopped and took a glance.

    Like I said before.
    There is no god.
    Don't sit and waste your time.
    Your petty forgiveness.
    A fool wouldn't buy.
    Not even for a dime.
    So go ahead.
    Beg and pleed.
    With all your forgiveness.
    You still won't succeed.
    And if you think a god can save you.
    Your more of a fool than I thought.
    Within the deepest pit of hell.
    I hope you wrought!

    Your probably wondering.
    What happened on that night.
    But still to this day.
    None will ponder.
    For fear of a fright.
    That all will know.
    A soul once judged.
    Because he was different.
    Rightfully won that fight.
    And let his inner werewolf.
    Take the night.