• Fade.
    I want to fade from every bodies memories,
    and wish to be forgotten.
    I wish to live in my dreams,
    for reality is too harsh.
    Pain and suffering is around every corner.
    I survived the pain and wish for no one else to suffer alone,
    like I had.
    I will stand by them to the end of their pains,
    and wish for their dreams to come reality.
    For theirs will change the world for the better,
    and I will live out the dream I have.
    Even if I have to stand alone,
    I will never stop walking,
    even if it leads to my death.
    And on the day of my death no one will know,
    that I have left this world.
    For they will have forgotten,
    that I had ever lived.
    For I don’t want them to mourn a heartless man,
    a man who was always half empty.
    I wish for my body to fade back into darkness,
    and for my soul to live in my dreams.
    I want to fade back into hell,
    and find peace in heaven.
    I wish to return to the realm of