• full title: you take from me <-< wow, relly, thts a short title considering... its me (one of those jokes wich only ppl who know me and read my poems find to be funny =D and you, you have no idea why XD)

    what are your thoughts when you look at me now
    do you see some kind of monster, is there any part of me
    thts more than just a reflection of who I thought tht I cud be
    but Im falling from you now
    falling from this endless heartbreak
    breaking from this life tht you take, from me

    you take, from me
    the happiness tht I found
    the feeling tht I cud not replace
    the love tht I felt when I saw her face

    but what have you done
    you say it was a mistake
    how cud you do this
    your watching me fall apart
    your breaking my heart
    why cant you just, leave me alone
    I dont need you, I can do this on my own

    now Im watching you walk away
    what did I say now what did I say
    I knew this wud happen, your walking away
    how cud this happen now what did I say

    there is no reason for you to stay
    only the love tht Im throwing away
    I cant take it, I cant take it
    how you break it, when you lie
    how you make me, want to die

    you cant face me now you cant face me
    when you lie you cannot see
    your blinded by your own disbelief
    you say your sorry well, what a relief
    shud I forgive you now shud I forgive
    when this is the way tht you choose to live

    how can you change your mind, mess with my heart
    having a change of heart, hope you dont mind
    your telling the truth now, what do I find
    just a broken heart tht you left behind

    and the things we said, and the way we were
    does it all just end, now its all a blur
    I cant see clearly, I dont feel safe
    now whats this pain tht I cant erase

    like the expression tht I cannot hide
    these heartbroken eyes, can you see inside?
    the emptiness, the fear of night
    and all I want is to feel alright

    but… your not here, and Im afraid
    tht you wont come back
    maybe you forgot the promise you made
    tht you will always be there

    so where are you, where did you go
    how do I live now, without you, I dont know
    how do I walk, how do I talk, how do I smile
    how do I feel if I dont have the heart
    how do I stand if Im falling apart

    how do I smile if you are not here
    somehow I found a way
    but somehow its just a lie
    what have you done, now Im lying too
    see how my heart is still set on you

    but if you come back, it doesnt mean Ill be here
    all the love I felt for you faded with my smile
    I barely remember now
    how a smile is relly meant to be
    what makes a smile real
    what makes a heart feel
    somebody told me it was love
    but… I didnt understand
    I cudnt feel my heartbeat
    even with my own hand…

    how long ago did my heart stop beating
    how long ago… did I stop living
    I think it was when my heart stopped giving
    when it stopped loving, when I stopped smiling

    and now… shall I stop breathing
    who says you cant die of a broken heart
    just look at my grave stone & youll see

    the heart is made of tissue
    it can only soak up so many tears
    before it starts to rip!

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    more description (if you care to know): this poem is based off of feelings Ive had before, but not what I was feeling at the time, when I wrote it. such feelings I felt were long ago and long since passed, ish in the past -pokes the ded feelings with a stick- User Image <~~ yes, thts me poking my ded feelings XD