• We do not feel love.
    We feel no pain.
    We do not feel remorse,
    as we prey on the weak.
    We prey on those looking for power.
    We prey on those who are foolish
    and are easily tempted.
    Open your heart to use,
    and we will grant your wish.
    Open your heart to darkness,
    and we shall devour it.
    For all hearts are born in darkness,
    so all hearts will return to darkness.
    We seek the darkness in all hearts,
    those of people,
    the hearts of worlds,
    and the heart of all worlds.
    We fight in great numbers,
    and do not stop until we succeed.
    We side with the strong,
    for we have no loyalty.
    We are lifeless.
    We are soulless.
    We are the HEARTLESS.