• “How can you stand this life!?”
    He yells as he leaves for his home,
    way up those hills where snow falls,
    and blanket the earth with its purity.
    After losing his parents from disease,
    his best friends lost in the war,
    and his sister to a rapist.
    Why he yells in the air,
    why must I,
    why must we all suffer?
    Why must we suffer the pain of being alone,
    and knowing that it will never be the same.
    Slams the door as he enters wanting to end his misery.
    When the theirs a knock on the door,
    He answers to see a young woman in robes,
    and holding a ball of pure light.
    She slowly touches his forehead,
    and his body falls down to the earth
    “Tired of this world child,
    before you leave lay your head down and rest awhile.
    Even though you may not remember dreaming,
    somebody waits for you to breathe again…”
    Awakens on the lap of the women he yelled at this morning,
    crying tears of joy and says.
    “I thought you left me.”
    He looks at her and than at the snow,
    still falling down on the earth.
    Ok he says to himself is his mind.
    I will stay only to make a future with the one I love,
    and whom loves me back.
    And protect the happiness that makes my day,
    just seem a little brighter.