• what is love

    i was told love was a beautiful thing. I was told of the joy that love could

    bring. i wanderd for many a day wondering can we all feel love and joy. and is

    it limited to girl and a boy. or can it live,spread and grow these are the things I

    wish i truly wished to know. but asking these questions was a great blunder

    for the more I asked the more I wondered. I continued thinking as I walked

    across this road of questions I wondered could anyone give me directions as i

    walked down it turned to night and though i had light it was very bright it had

    been dimmed by the darkness of confusion and then i saw something belived

    it to be an illusion but is i walked closer and she told me to come hear i felt

    warm and free of my confusion and fear. could this be what they mean by love

    at first sight, and then my small ligh beacame a bit more bright. I could since

    she had traveld this road before she guided me through this road without a

    single detour at first I thought her we were two of a kind till I saw here light

    was much brighter than mine. as we wonderd through the darkness in a very

    hasty rush my light began to grow the more I began to trust. we were half

    way there when she asked me a question she asked me to be the one who

    would give her protection. as she asked me that my mind felt like I was going

    crazy i looked her and told her I cant provide your safety she looked in my

    eyes and said then promise to never foresake me. and as a made i finally

    understaned for me to find love i needed to be a better man.