• I see you falling so I reach my hand out for you
    but you push it away.
    So then I try to catch you
    but you struggle from my gentle grasp.
    I see you get hurt so I bandage your wounds
    but then you rip them off.
    So I try to calm you down
    but you just scream at me.
    I notice you cry so I wipe your tears away
    but you tell me you want to cry.
    So I leave you be
    but when I do that you say I don't care.
    I see how you act and tell you whats happened
    but when I do you yell at me and say that I'm lieing.
    I hurt myself more than your hurting yourself by helping
    you and I don't care cause at least your okay
    but when you hurt me you don't care.
    Why do I try?