• Love
    I wanted to write a love song
    My mind told me to think hard
    About what love is truly about
    And then I wonder why we fall in this endless web
    Where pain is found
    Where silliness is shown
    Where tears are dripping down
    Where hearts can never remain in one piece

    No spider is there to take away the life and stop the pain
    It’s empty
    It’s solitary
    Yet we all want to get a taste of it
    But not all of us can get out of it
    We do everything we can to find it
    To find love
    To find our hearts beating fast
    To find that warm fuzzily feeling inside
    Is love worth it

    And now I say it all for myself
    Love is torture
    Love is enchantment
    Love is the pain
    Love is everything we wish for and more
    Love causes us to cry
    Love makes boys go against the rules
    Love makes girls sacrifice themselves
    All for love
    Yet love is the greatest thing that has happened to anybody
    If I were to stop love now
    There would be no life
    We need that burden
    But with one smile formed by love
    Everything is worth it
    Love is a never ending story to be told