• I looked at his perfect features.
    His lips and nose were all in a straight line.
    His eyes equelly apart from egother.
    He looked at me puzzeled.
    "Um is somthing wrong?"
    "Huh what oh no not at all."
    He stood half bent over acting like he was going to strike.
    I took ince steps away from his posture.
    Just than he striked.
    We both rolled over and over till he hit a tree.
    He growled playfully
    He used his body to sheld me.
    I started to breathe hard.
    I could hear him laughing as he got off of me.
    He extended his strong arm.
    I grabbed it and he pulled me up.
    I keep going forward toward his chest.
    I was to weak to stop myself.
    I was flat on his chest.
    His strong arms were wrapped around my waist.
    His head lowered to my hair and he kissed my head.
    I looked up at his face inches away from me.
    I stood on my toes waiting for his perfect lips to kiss my plump lips.
    He smiled and he kissed my lips softly.
    I smiled and laid flat on my toes again.
    His face made a sad look.
    It started to get bright outside.
    The sun rose and it shone thru the thick trees.
    He raised his hands up to his eyes.
    I frowned as he picked me up and smiled.
    "Holed on spider monkey!"
    I grasped on his neck tightly.
    "I swear your going to be the deathe of me!" He yelled
    I blushed and let go some.
    He ran so fast everything was a blur.
    I got scared and closed my eyes tight.
    I opened one eye half way.
    Than I sall we were motinless.
    I opened them both wide and smiled.
    He placed me on the ground.
    "Were are we?"
    "Were at my place."
    "What but its so wide and bright!"
    "Its the only place were we dont have to hide anything."
    He smiled his croked smile I loved so much.
    He looked at his watch.
    "Whell Sophie its time for you to go home!"
    I frowend.
    He grabbed my Car keys out of my pocket before I could get them.
    "Im driving." He smiled his crooked smile again.
    My heart beat rocketed up.
    I blushed.
    He opened the passenger door to my car.
    I gave him an evil look.
    "Calm down."
    I still frowned as he got in on the driver's side.
    He drove me to my house were Hanna was waiting.
    "Great my mom is home."
    "Oh its fine."
    He parked the car and let me out.
    He kissed me cheack softly as he placed the keys back in my pocket.
    His breathe against my neck made the hair on my arms p***k up.
    I blushed trying to cover it up as he looked at me snikering.
    "I will pick you up tomorrow."
    His voice soothed me.
    I closed my eyes enjoying his voice.
    He ran home.
    He was gone in five seconds.
    I ran up the porch steps and went in the house.
    I ran up to my room and jumped on the bed laughing and screaming happily
    beacuse I couldnt wait for his kisses tommorow
    That was my night with a vampire.