• i know im not perfect and i know what you think
    something is wrong somethings not there
    you expect to much of me when it comes to words
    then you just turn your back and leave me alone
    i said the wrong thing i already know
    but its just one mistake
    and you always seem that i should be perfect
    when im far away from it
    im glad you look up to me but what the truth is
    is that im getting annoyed with being ignored
    i try for you but its not going to happen
    for i already know im not perfect at all
    but i do what you say and thats still not enough
    just give me a break and see it my way
    you say im controling when ive asked my friends
    they say im not so why do you say so
    you still havent seen that i cant be perfect so
    why try at all?
    i know im not perfect and i hope you see that im only
    a person that can only be me.