• Lying in a chair.
    Thirst unqenched.
    Belly aching.
    I sit and wait for the inevitable.
    A promise once made.
    Releases toward the sky.
    Fades off in at most certinty.
    As though it knew.
    Knew more than I.

    The hope turned cold.
    Cold as the skin uncovered.
    My hands cover my face.
    They engage the tears.
    I grow tired.
    Ten days of agony.
    Yet sadness is no longer.
    Anger is the substitute that replaces hunger.

    Can't they see.
    There's nothing left.
    Not even prayer to a forgotten entity.
    Goddamn this madness.
    Its driven me to the brink.
    Why do you waste your time.
    Are you as mad as I.
    Do you find hope or faith in this world.
    Hope that she can be saved.
    Faith enough that she will be saved.
    Or do you keep on walking.
    On and on through the snow of sorrow.
    Sorrow once exsistent in my mind.

    It balances out the feelings of hatred.
    Of that which is plagued my life.
    Well no more!
    No more damn you!
    Give me the dagger.
    I'll finish out the task.
    The power you hold.
    The oath you've tooken.
    But are too much scared to carry out.
    I'll end it myself.
    And embrace the reality.
    So I can progress.